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Container Garden

March 9, 2012

A long time ago, growing up in Minnesota, I was actually a halfway decent gardener.  Despite the challenging winters there, gardening was pretty easy in the summer, and vegetables and herbs grew with ease.  The biggest accomodations you had to make were for the short growing season–often things like watermelon were too impractical and you had to start seeds indoors long before it was warm enough outside to plant them.

That having been said, gardening in Florida has given me nothing but grief.  I would like to pretend that I have been highly successful at it, but at this point it is still just a dream deferred.  This year I finally wrapped my head around the concept that I need to start early–much, much earlier than up north in the land of snow and frost.  So, about a month ago I planted some tomato seeds in a large container, as well as radish seeds, a few flowers and several types of herbs–dill, parsley, sage, chives, and oregano.  Beating the summer heat seems to be working and everything is mostly thriving–thriving, that is, when I remember to water them.  Because the other thing I seem to struggle with is the whole container concept.  I am far too used to putting plants in the ground and letting the rain deal with 80% of their needs.

I am beginning to wonder if I ever had a green thumb to begin with or if it was just the blessing of the land of 10,000 lakes.  Or maybe it was gardening with the luxury of no children, a husband or a thousand other distractions.  I cannot be the only one who thinks the “baby brain” never left once I ceased being pregnant.  So for now my plants live in cycles of man-made drought and flood.  I cling to the hope that they are planting deep roots in their little containers and are getting hardier as a result of my well-intentioned neglect.  Time will tell.


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  1. Funny post! If baby brain is a benchmark for remember to water the container garden, I must tell you now that last summer in the middle of the biggest drought since the Dust Bowl, I forgot to water 2/3 of the time……..that was the same summer my daughter turned 30 and announced she and her husband were having a baby of their own………Not much for you to look forward to, now is it? I do much better in January when they are seedlings in the house and I can see them every day! 🙂 Good luck with your containers……we will plant ours in about 2 months. Looking forward to those tomatoes and peppers that survive despite my best efforts to kill them!

  2. katiefoutz permalink

    Oh, you’re NOT the only one whose “baby brain” stuck around after giving birth! It’s just how we make room for all the new things we have to learn about our babies/growing kids all the time. Good luck with the container gardening (from a fellow northerner).

  3. Hi there, I laughed when I read the part in this post about gardening with the luxury of no husband, no children …I too used to have a well tended garden….I say no more!!. I enjoyed reading your posts. Phillipa, (mummy to Kayi and Zara)

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