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Easter Nest Baskets

April 6, 2012
Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

My children are still very young, so up until this point we have not done much for them for Easter beyond buying a cheap plastic Easter “bucket” and filling it with a little bit of candy.  Plastic eggs still rule our household, partially because I’m not a big fan of hard boiled eggs, they are too young to decorate them, and I don’t want to end up having to eat or throw away all of them.  Plus, last year’s plastic eggs ended up serving as an entire year’s worth of entertainment in my daughters’ play kitchen.  Slowly halves have disappeared or gotten crunched and thrown away, and Easter has fortuitously arrived in time to replenish our egg stock.

For this year’s round of baskets, I decided to do something a little different.  I stopped at one of my local thrift stores and picked up some real baskets.  I picked out two that were actually quite lovely–when the girls are done with them I may actually steal them back for my own home decorating–for a total of six dollars.  Multiple lines of logic went into this decision.  First, reuse is far better than recycle.  Second, they are absolutely beautiful baskets and for essentially the same price.  Third, it occurs to me that it would be nice to have “permanent” Easter baskets of sorts… ones I can continue to decorate and add to year after year and they can use as they get older for egg hunts, picnics, or just about any other occasion.  My oldest, Mary, has been asking for a picnic and it might be fun to pack an actual basket.

I bought some Raffia to use as the “nesting” material.  It creates a more realistic nest look, it’s natural and therefore biodegradable, and it smells heavenly compared with processed paper or plastic.  It also comes in long strands, so I was able to give it a real bird nest look as I curled it around the inside of the baskets.

I used some ribbon to decorate the handles and ring the edge of the baskets.  I elected to go with very simple ribbon even though I was very tempted by some more extravagant and beautiful ribbons I saw at the store.  Part of this decision was driven by the idea that I may add to it in the future.  This gives the baskets room to grow, where if I did a lot of decorations now it would just get overdone in future years.  Both of my daughters seem to show an inclination for arts and crafts, so I imagine us working on their baskets together as they get older.  Maybe we can turn them into a tradition–adding a new decoration each year, like a new ornament for the Christmas tree.

Last, I threw in the plastic eggs.  Not a very elegant ending, I know, but they actually looked pretty nice.  I was conscious at the time I picked out my ribbon of trying to make sure the colors of the eggs were in the same general shades as the ribbon so they at least didn’t clash.

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