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Amateur Cupcake Decorating

April 7, 2012

After my oldest daughter’s first birthday, I came to realize the total senselessness of spending a fortune on a bakery made cake when cake mix was so inexpensive and simple to make.  The fly in the ointment, so to speak, was decorating the cake or cupcakes.  I don’t know why I am so slow to pick up on certain concepts, but it literally took until my oldest was three for it to occur to me that it would be worth it to pick up some basic decorating supplies and learn how to use a pastry bag.  Since then I haven’t had many occasions to use the supplies I bought, so I’m still pretty pathetic  in the decorating department, but I am definitely improving.  Now, they look like they have been decorated by a talented monkey.  Or at least a well-trained one.  A few more holidays and I may even make cupcakes worthy of a well-trained ape.  So there is something to hope for.  In the meantime, here are my Easter creations, which were thoroughly devoured by a pack of children ranging in age from two to fourteen last night at an early Easter celebration.  Watching them get devoured only begged the question, why do I bother to try and make them pretty?  They could look like they were decorated by a squirrel and the kids would have happily devoured them at the same pace.  I guess sometimes it is easy to let our desire for perfection get way ahead of reality.  Nevertheless, I am not packing up my decorating supplies and I am sure when the next occasion presents itself, I will try just as hard to make my cupcakes look worthy of the name.


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  1. These look so great!

  2. Your cupcakes are fantastic! Recently, I’ve been mildly thinking about doing exactly what you blogged. Not because my daughter is young and it would be cheaper because when my daughter was young, I paid bakery prices for every single event. But in a short time (11 days and counting) I will become a grandmother. I know exactly what my daughter is in for with work, no time, never enough money etc…. Now, although I still work, I have more time and while I have enough money, I really WANT to bake and cook. Seeing and reading about you doing it gives me hope that I can too. If you are ever looking for another blog subject, I would love to see one in which you show (pix please) and tell a novice like me what you found the most valuable after you started.

    • I definitely will do! Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, my supplies at this point are very rudimentary–just a few pastry bags, connectors and tips. The pastry bag is pretty easy to work with–or at least easier than I anticipated–and the biggest challenge is getting myself to focus enough when I’m using it. Concentration is a must!

  3. Lovely cupcakes! I think your daughter is really fortunate to have such a doting mother =)

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