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Toddler Math at the Library

April 8, 2012

When I was childless, I thought the 50 book limit at the library seemed a little excessive. I mean, after all, I wasn’t a student anymore so how many books/DVDs/etc. could I use at once? Little did I anticipate the toddler effect.  No matter how many books and DVDs we bring back at any given visit, we always seem to leave with twice as many.  Both of my daughters love books, for which I am ecstatic, but I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the math problem that the average library visit represents.  The funny thing is, their contribution to our library check out stack isn’t even entirely their fault.  In addition to Dooby, Dooby, Moo, A light in the Attic, Oh, the Places You’ll Go and a large assortment of other books rotating in and out of our check out list, I also walk away from every visit with a stack of crafting books twice as high as what I would have gotten before they came along.  All kinds of books on making toys and dolls and decorating for special occasions now fill my car after every trip.  I have always loved crafts and hobbies, but I have come back into them with a higher fervor than ever before since my kids got old enough to allow me some time to reengage.

I also can’t figure out why at any given time one of them is whispering while the other is embarrassingly loud–and they always seem to take turns in either position… They must figure that being the loud one only half the time will equal only half the punishment.


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  1. Kellie permalink

    Agreed! The girls and I never leave the library with less than 20 books!

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