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Five Minute Dinner

April 10, 2012

With two toddlers to feed, I am a big fan of what I like to call “cheater dinners.”  Things that are reasonably healthy but take little to no time to make.  Most weeknights I come home from work just in time to kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves for work.  This leaves me immensely sympathetic to single moms trying to be the superhuman creatures they have to be to get everything done.  It also can be quite exhausting and I’m not necessarily a person born to love the kitchen anyways.  So my children have come to love simple, healthy meals like entree salads, baked chicken and vegetables, etc.  I’ve even figured out my own shortcuts on many of these meals to make them as simple as possible to make.  Tonight was another such dinner.  Thanks to the miracle of rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, in five minutes or less I had served chicken and cheese quesadillas to my girls.  Without a quesadilla maker, I have not previously made them, so I kept it simple.  On medium heat, I added a little cooking spray in the pan, dropped the first tortilla down, added shredded cheese and chicken (pulled hastily off the rotisserie bird with my fingers), and topped it off with another tortilla.   I occasionally flipped them until they were nice and warm and crispy on the edge.  Then, I pulled it out of the pan, dropped it onto a cutting board and sliced it like a pizza.  Two slices per plate plus some homemade salsa and voila!  Dinner was served.  And it was just in the nick of time, since the toddlers were getting restless.

Admittedly, the homemade salsa took longer than five minutes, especially since I had actually canned up several pints of it about a month ago, but it would be easy to substitute with store bought and technically it didn’t take any time whatsoever to pop open the jar.


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  1. this looks so good and simple!

    • Thanks! It really was. I’d never made one before because I don’t have a quesadilla press, but it was so simple I have a feeling I will be doing it often. Next time more veggies though. 🙂

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