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Nursing Cover Round 2

April 12, 2012

I’ve recently gone on a cloth buying spree to buy fabric for nursing covers.  The one i gave my friend has gotten a lot of attention and I’ve even gotten a few “pricing” requests from interested parties, so it has occurred to me that it would be worth investing a little time into making a few more.  The thing that is getting the most attention, it seems, is the fact that mine wrap around the mommy’s back.  Most nursing covers I found when I was nursing  seemed to be a simple fabric drape.  I don’t know if my children were exceptionally good at pulling them out of the way or if I was just that uncoordinated in my nursing compared to other moms, but it was these factors that led me to invent my own version which is nearly impossible for a baby to pull off of you.

This round of fabric buying led me to the quilting section of the fabric store.  Lightweight cotton quilting fabrics are ideal for bright, colorful patterns and breathable material.  It can get toasty under a cloth with a baby, so 100% cotton is an absolute must.  And I’m trying to focus on fabrics that I like that are not very “babyish.”  After all, contrary to what most diaper bag manufacturers seem to believe, we are the ones using it.  I’ve also decided, after this most recent round of sewing, that 60 inch fabric bolts might be more ideal than 45 inch fabrics.  This one was made with a 45 inch fabric and it will work perfectly for a size small or medium, but it won’t be as universal as a larger fabric bolt.  Also, I am rethinking using buttons in favor of ties or another method of closing it  on the shoulder which would give a little more adjustability to the design.

The trickiest part is carefully sewing the seam binding tape on.  Absolutely do not even think about attempting something this until you are in a mental state where you can be very patient.  I haven’t yet succeeded, even after all of my years of sewing, at not having to rip out at least one seam or two and redo it, but that seems to be my hallmark.

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