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Socktopus Creature

May 5, 2012

I tried my first attempt at a sock creature the other day.  The results were okay, although I am hoping I get better at this.  I’ve picked up a handful of books at the library on making sock creatures, but I didn’t just want to follow their instructions–I wanted to try something myself–so I used them more as guidance on how to work with socks.  Plus, I’m working with much smaller socks than these books–I have a basket full of baby socks that were used for a very short period of time and never even got dirty.  Often I am missing the pair, but in some cases I even have full pairs.  Until they walk, these socks end up in perfect condition and I decided it would be sort of fun and memorable to try and make something out of them.  So my abundance of materials will hopefully translate into an ever improving pile of sock creatures.

First, I cut the top of each sock until I reached just a little bit past the ankle part:

Then, I sewed the socks together into one big circle of socks.

Then, using a single thread, I stitched each sock in half and connected them all with about a quarter inch of threat between them.

Folding the edges in, I used thread to pull all the edges of fabric into the center.  The open hole at the bottom gave me a place to stick my hand so I could pull the needle through.

Then, I stuffed it thoroughly.  Since I’m making it to be played with, rather than as a purely craft item, I overstuffed to accommodate lots of hugging and squeezing.  Honestly, I was being optimistic about this, since I really wasn’t sure it would turn out or that the girls would like it.  Luckily they love it, and are taking turns with it in their beds at night, so the over-stuffing turned out to be a very good idea.

Once stuffed, I closed the hole at the bottom.  This was actually kind of tricky, since I had stuffed it pretty thoroughly.  Then, I took a ninth sock that was a little bigger size, and stuffed the main part of it into a round oval.  I tied a knot for a neck and cut it slightly below my knot to provide a cuff.

I used the cuff to sew it down onto the top of the socktopus body.  I added button eyes, nose, and a thread mouth.

A few things I would have done differently, in hindsight:

1) Leaving the cuff to attach it was a great idea, and I love the little knot neck, but I should have left a bigger cuff.

2) I should have used an even bigger size sock for the head and stuffed a little less of it so it was more of a ball.  The oval head looks a little strange.

3) I think I should have used a non-white sock for the head.  A little more color to the creature would have been nice.

All in all, though, it turned out okay.  Most importantly, my kids love it.  Admittedly, they aren’t the harshest critics, but they are the ones I made it for and their response was wonderful.  I learned a little bit about working with socks and I have a few more ideas, so this won’t be my last creature.  Now I just have to decide what type of creature to try next!

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  1. I am totally going to try this even though my boys are teens and it will just give them one more reason to think that I’m a dork. Love this post. I just forwarded the link to a couple of elementary school teachers I know. They will love it, too. Thanks!

  2. That looks so soft and cuddly! It really didn’t look too hard, but I swear I can’t sew a stitch…..still, maybe I’ll try. Great job!!

    • Well, I am not the best at hand sewing so I can honestly say it wasn’t too bad that way. Just do like I do and always keep a seam ripper handy. 🙂

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