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Container Garden–Month 2

May 6, 2012

Two months after putting my container garden together, I am having mixed success.  As I mentioned two months ago, my reasonably green thumb has not previously extended into the world of containers, but I have given it another shot.  This time I am having much better success, for the most part.  Starting it early, in February, seems to be beating the Florida heat and contributing somewhat to my success.  And putting it outside my front door helps keep me from forgetting to water it.  I guess tripping over it on a daily basis was the missing ingredient in that equation.  Still, my first round of tomatoes died a horrible and pest-infested death.  They were started from seeds, which I planted with my oldest daughter, and did well until they had some significant leafage and then were torn to bits by pests.  I had planted them in soil that had been somewhat composted, so it carried with it a whole universe of insects on it’s own.  This time I bought store bought plants and store bought soil in the hopes I could beat the pests.  And, I read a tip in a homesteading book about adding crushed up egg shells around tomato plants to keep out cutting worms.  So far so good, whether it is the store bought soil or the egg shells.  I’m not one to count my blessings.  I’m just happy to see lots of little yellow flowers and even a few baby tomatoes.  Unlike my original round of tomatoes, my lettuce and radishes came up very well in their little containers.  The radishes went straight to seed however, so at this point I have a pretty little pot of greens and flowers but no radishes.  I think they got dried out too many times between me remembering to water it.

I also added a large lavender plant, a peony which is just starting to come up, some planted bulbs I honestly can’t remember the variety of, and a few other flowers.  When I was seventeen I spent some time in the Provence area of France, and ever since lavender has held a special place in my heart.  I also had added a hanging strawberry plant, but I hung it up in the back patio because that was the only place I had a hook.  It died within a week.  Again, if I’m not tripping over it I seem to be incapable of remembering to water it.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results.  My garden is looking much less ragged than past attempts at this point.  Hopefully I will get to enjoy some nice red tomatoes soon.  There is nothing like a homegrown tomato right off the vine.

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  1. keep it up, I’m in central FL w/no rain and heat. But, I’m doing a self watering container and everything is growing like crazy. Maybe try one next season? My blog gives step by step on how to make them if you want to see. Enjoy the garden!

    • I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • I just noticed that your across the bridge from me. If you want to try to make them I can meet somewhere and show you. Check with Publix, Sweetbay bakery dept for frosting 5 gal buckets Or local restaurants. 🙂

  2. I too dabble in container gardening with mixed results, my tomatoes seem to do the best. I’m going to try a couple things that you mentioned. I’m going to try and put some out front in hopes that I remember to water more often and I’m going to try the eggshell trick. Thanks for the ideas!

    • I’m glad you found it useful. This is by far the best year I’ve had for my little container garden–usually it’s totally dead at this point and I’ve given up. I think putting them out front is the gardening equivalent of post-it notes on the mirror. 🙂

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