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Sock Bunny

May 7, 2012

I’ve attempted another sock creature.  This one slightly stranger, but still somewhat sweet in an odd way.  The girls didn’t fight over it quite as much as the socktopus, but maybe they have grown suddenly accustomed to the appearance of whimsical laundry creatures.  I honestly don’t know why this project is appealing to me so much–I’m not even sure I like the creatures I’ve made so far–and yet, it is hooking me in.  This one used two baby socks–the kinds with big ankle cuffs.  The first one I split down the center starting at the toe.  Then, I turned it inside out and sewed it into two ears.  I turned it back right-side out and sewed two button eyes, a nose, and a little mouth into the heel of the sock.

Then, I stuffed him thoroughly, using small bits of stuffing so he wouldn’t get too lumpy.  I cut the other sock about a half an inch below the top of the cuff, which I then slid over the cuff of the blue sock so that it was inside out and covering the face of the bunny.  I sewed all of it together in a straight line, both sealing him shut and sewing the two layers of “skirt” together.  Then, I flipped the white sock cuff back down over the blue cuff, and it created the pretty ruffled skirt look.

I actually like the way this one turned out even better than the Socktopus, so I will probably try it again.  I’m thinking of adding legs next time–they would be pretty easy to insert and sew in when I sew the skirts together–and possibly arms.  Arms would be much trickier, so I have to decide in advance how committed I am to this strange hobby.  At this point it takes very little of my time and thus leaves me free to spend time cooking, canning, doing other sewing, etc.

Plus, I am stuck in a debate over whether I think these are even cute.  Maybe they are like certain breeds of dogs–so ugly they are cute anyways.

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  1. Adorable! I love the little scalloped collar!

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