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Birthdays as a mom

May 22, 2012

Somewhere after my twenty first birthday, birthdays became unimportant to me–at least mine.  But being a mom has brought my own birthday to a new place of special meaning for me.  Somehow all those childhood memories of special birthday gifts and parties and celebrations seem totally eclipsed by the total awesomeness of getting a card handmade by my two and three year-olds.

Out of everything that happened on my birthday–going to see a movie with my husband and some friends (precious adult time), going to lunch with my family, gifts, etc.–getting out of the shower in the morning to discover my daughter’s gifts to me was the absolute best.

What is totally amazing to me is the excitement my children showed towards my birthday–even though we didn’t have a party, or make a fancy cake or do any of the things that make their birthdays so amazing.  They seem to latch on to the idea that it’s a special day meant to celebrate that person, and everything else is icing on the cake.  Their excitement was contagious and my 31st was a very special day for me.  I’m convinced that God gave us children to remind us how to enjoy life with total vigor and to take nothing for granted.  Every moment counts.


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  1. What a sweet tribute to your children! Isn’t it wonderful how joyful they are, full boar, at their mom’s birthday? I am looking forward to my daughter experiencing what you eloquently explained with her own child…… IS amazing!

    • yes definitely! in every way they keep reminding me of what really matters. It will be a pleasure for you to watch your daughter experience it.

  2. Oh that’s beautiful. When Zara gave me her gorgeous Mother’s day card, I cried and cried – I had to go and hide in case she thought I was upset. Awesome – so much better than presents!

  3. marindarrell permalink

    Just adorable! I can be a better gift then those lovely cute and sweet notes from your children. I’m very proud for your children. Thanks and happy birthday dear.

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