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Re-purposed Blocks

May 26, 2012

Between reduce, reuse and recycle, my favorite has always been reuse.  Not just because it is often cost-effective, but also because it is so much fun.  I am an avid thrift store shopper.  I get more compliments on outfits I put together from my rounds at the thrift stores than the outfits I have bought new at regular stores.  I can get brands I couldn’t afford at 1/15th the price of the brands I can afford.  One of my favorite stores even has $1 specials on a tag color every day.  Nothing quite like someone telling you how awesome you look, and knowing that from shirt to shoes to purse your entire outfit cost ten dollars.

But I don’t just apply this philosophy to clothes–I am constantly on the look out for bargains and good ideas for the girls.  One of my personal favorites that I thought was worth sharing was our re-purposing of four sets of Jenga blocks.

I stumbled upon the first set at a thrift store for about two dollars.  I had been thinking about getting some real wooden blocks for some time, but every time I’ve found them they’ve been more expensive than I wanted them to be.  I figured what the heck, and bought them.  Worst case, I thought I might have to put them in storage with other board games that our girls are not yet ready to play.  Either way, it wouldn’t be wasted money.  Turns out, though, that it was a moment of genius.

Jenga blocks are made to pretty precise measurements–they have to be, or the game wouldn’t work.  They are totally level on all six sides, and they stack wonderfully.  It turns out that you can build pretty massive coliseum-like structures pretty easily.  And they make a nice wooden crashing sound when your youngest knocks over your masterpiece.  (This is actually a bonus when your kids are two and three–they like loud noises and finding ones that don’t give you migraines can be challenging).

Since then, we’ve picked up three more sets, including a bamboo special edition set and a colored set.  We keep them in a dollar store mini-laundry basket, which is both colorful and just the right size.  And the girls love to build with them.  The best part though–no set has cost us more than two dollars.

And when the time comes that the girls are no longer interested in creating massive structures with them, it will probably be right about the time they want to sit down and play an actual round of Jenga.  Double bonus points for a re-purposing that works long term!


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