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Homemade Butter

May 28, 2012

Butter, like canning, is another one of those things that I have heard was extremely easy to make, and finally decided to attempt.  Also just like canning, I love it.  I have no desire to every store-buy butter again.  Among the benefits of making your own butter is total control of ingredients, including whether the cream is hormone free, the amount of salt, if any used, and the ability to add honey, cilantro, or any other number of other ingredients.  It also turns out tasting so amazingly fresh–especially if you use high quality cream–and has a whipped-like quality.  It doesn’t seem like it should make that much difference when you hold up the package of butter from the store and read that the ingredients are identical.  However, it is very different and much better.

The only necessary ingredients are heavy cream, a jar and a marble, and a little bit of time.  I made mine while sitting on the couch between my toddlers watching TV, so time may not even be a necessary ingredient.

Pour the cream into a jar, drop in the marble, seal it and shake for about twenty to thirty minutes.  I didn’t go crazy shaking it really hard and wearing myself out.  I picked a pace where I could keep the marble moving and not tire myself out, and then I changed directions or arms frequently.  After about fifteen minutes, I stopped being able to hear the marble.  It looked somewhat solid inside, so I cracked it open.  It was white and fluffy, but not quite the consistency I was looking for.  I threw in a small amount of sea salt and put the lid back on and kept shaking.  The next thing that happened almost threw me for a loop–it was almost as though it separated back out into liquid and I had made a mistake.

But a short time after this, in the midst of the liquid (buttermilk) a big yellow lump formed.  I strained out the buttermilk into a jar for use in cooking and taste-tested the butter.  Heavenly!  I will definitely be making this again and again.  I’m even slathering it on some corn on the cob tonight for dinner.

What are your favorite types of butter?  I’m definitely making some honey-butter next.


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  1. I have to try that!

    • Totally you have to! I’ve made a couple of batches now and it is so wonderful! I’ll never buy store-bought again! 🙂

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