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Jungle Walls

June 1, 2012

Today I completed the finishing details on the jungle walls in my daughters’ bedroom.  I think it turned out pretty cool, and decided to share the result.  The paint colors were chosen at a home improvement store by choosing a mid-shade paint chip I liked in turquoise and then a lighter and darker shade from the same color scheme.  This guaranteed that the colors would go together.

I initially started out by buying large sheets of poster-board, and used a razor blade knife to cut out leaves on each sheet (placed on top of a cutting board I use for sewing), which left behind templates for painting the leaves.  However, the problem with poster-board is that it soaks up paint quickly and could only be used once per leaf.  Therefore, many of the leaves I ended up having to free-hand.  Overall, though, it was pretty easy.

After painting the vines and leaves using a half-inch trim brush, I went back with a smaller brush (maybe about a quarter of an inch) from my daughter’s paint set and used that to clean up the edges and paint the smaller leaves.  Once the leaves were dry, I used this same brush to go back and sketch in the veins in the leaves using the opposite blue.  The butterfly stickers are basic wall-stickers that I bought at the local dollar store.

The rest of the room is not shown for two reasons.  A) It was a total mess at the time and B) until both girls get a little bigger, they are both in toddler beds which I acquired for their utility and not their beauty.  When I buy them their next beds I will think about the aesthetics.

I think the finished look is nice–it has a sort of three dimensional quality to it, and it’s also something a little different that suits almost any interest.  My youngest loves Dora and my oldest loves Tinkerbell.  Dora traipses through the jungle in every episode, and Tinkerbell fits in just as well with the leaves and butterflies as she would anywhere else.

  1. Wow! I think that the Jungle wall turned out great! You did an amazing job!

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