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Breakfast for Dinner

June 11, 2012

It’s Monday, and I’ve come off the weekend feeling almost more exhausted than I started it.  So, dinner tonight consisted of breakfast.  I scrambled some eggs with a fresh diced tomato and added some Colby jack cheese.  Along with the scramble, I toasted some whole grain bread, slathered on some home-made butter and added a knife full of my home-canned strawberry jam.  Even though it was a “cheater” dinner, it was still a pretty nutritious meal and the girls gobbled it up.  The benefit of working with what I created myself is that I know the ingredients.  I know my butter is nothing but a small sprinkle of sea salt and heavy cream, and I know my strawberry jam is relatively low sugar and otherwise only made up of fresh strawberries and natural pectin.  Although it is still a far cry from the homesteaded existence I want, every jar of home-canned produce that accumulates in my cupboard makes me feel one step closer to living the way I dream.  And I also feel, with every meal I cook with those jars, that I am one step closer to ensuring that everything my family consumes is the highest quality I can provide.  Now, if only I had more time to make my own cheese…

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  1. I love breakfast for dinner which we call “upside down”. Yours looked delicious!

    • Thanks! It was really tasty, and it reminded me why I love cooking and canning. And also why I’ll never store buy butter again if I can help it! 🙂

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