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Sick and Tired (literally)

August 9, 2012

I will have to beg the forgiveness of my readers for my lack of posting lately.  The last week and a half has been filled with one or the other of my family (excluding my husband, of course) being sick.  The consequences of this has left me sick and tired.  I have been through two bouts of colds in the last week–getting it back just when I thought I was recovering.  The problem with being a mom sometimes is that your kids’ illnesses become your own even before you begin to feel the symptoms yourself.  That first day of runny noses for my oldest daughter foreshadowed the challenging days ahead.

When my daughters are sick I would rather be sick myself, with all of my heart, than see them suffer.  I tend to throw myself into nursing them and no amount of precautions seem to prevent me from picking up whatever they have once I have done this.  My husband seems so much more able to give them just the right amount of care without taking in diseases himself.  So when they are sick I become exhausted, and then I become sick which makes me even more exhausted.

And now I am at the place in my cold where I am too tired and sick to do much of anything, but too well to be content with sitting there staring at the television.  To put it mildly, I am sick, exhausted and BORED!  Even as I write this, the edges of a migraine are creeping around the edges of my brain.  Evidently even writing or reading is too much for my system at this point.  But really, there is only so much television appropriate to 2 and 3 year olds one can take before losing one’s mind.  I tried sewing yesterday, to no avail.  I’ve been making my way through a paperback, about ten pages at a time (hardly worth the effort).  And I’ve been cleaning in brief spurts which leaves me sweaty and dizzy and causes my husband and mother to yell at me.  Truly, it is too much to bear.  Once upon a time, I think I was capable of doing nothing for hours or end, or at least I imagine that I was capable of it.  But motherhood has taken me far past that capability into the realm of “always being busy.”  This relatively inactivity is truly too much to bear.

Did I mention that both daughters are recovered and full of normal toddler-level amounts of energy?

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