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Changing tastes

January 13, 2013

In the two weeks since our family went primal, the biggest surprise has not been the weight I have lost, the improved attention span and behavior of my children, or the increased energy I feel every day. The biggest surprise has been how much my taste buds seem to have changed. Even in such a short time, my sensitivity to sweet has skyrocketed and my sensitivity to bitterness seems to have decreased.

Yesterday I spotted my favorite treat at the store–cream-filled chocolate Easter candy eggs. The stores are at it again, pushing every holiday back. Shrugging it off as a “20%” indulgence, I decided to splurge a bit. The irony was, however, that I didn’t enjoy it at all. It tasted far too sweet, artificial, and almost overwhelming. It left a strong unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth that I couldn’t stand. I immediately ate some real food to offset the experience. And I was overjoyed–any craving I could have had to plunge myself back into sugary fake food indulgences was totally erased. The truth is, once you break the addiction to chemicals and sugar and additives, and once you get used to eating the food your body was designed to consume, it suddenly seems impossible to go back.

I realize this is only truly the beginning of my family’s journey, but so much has changed so dramatically in such a short time that it almost feels as if we have been on this journey for a long time. And perhaps we have, as we have read and read and learned about food production and nutrition and health. Learning how to can and preserve and trying to grow a patio container garden with a few herbs and vegetables were baby steps upon the journey, as well. Our desire to own some land and grow and raise our own food is also tied into this whole desire to return to what it really means to be human. Food may be only one part of that humanness, but I am coming to realize what a critical part of us it is. In one sense, everything pivots on the axis that is food–our health, our vitality, our relationship with the planet all revolve around the simple question of what we put in our mouth. Somehow everything is tied to this one aspect of life.

I have gotten the question several times now, for example, of what we are doing for our children in this lifestyle. The question is always posed as if we are on some diet and naturally we must still be feeding them according to the food pyramid, right? But if my body was not designed to consume processed foods, then neither were theirs, and we cannot, in good conscience, continue to feed our children the foods we know to be harmful to them. Oh sure, once in a while as a treat, but never as a matter of the normal menu of our lives. So suddenly our journey is their journey, too, and I am hearing them explain to their grandmother that sugar is not good for them but spinach is… And I am beaming with pride. Maybe our children are programmed to know what they should eat just as much as our bodies know what is ok. Maybe if we take them out of the huge cultural effort to socialize them into fake processed food products maybe, just maybe, they will gravitate towards real food. Just like it has suddenly become so easy for me…

My oldest asks me at every meal now what each vegetable on her plate does for her body. She is fascinated by nutrition and learning about what makes her body strong and healthy. I have watched her try foods she fought to try before just because she found out they were good for her skin or her eyes or her brain. She is cleaning her plate better after two weeks of real food than she ever did before. And her sister is slowly following suit. I am more convinced than ever before, our bodies want to be healthy.

If we give them a chance…

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  1. I’m really glad to hear that your tastes are changing! That gives me hope for me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚ it is neat how our bodies adapt and also want to be healthy. Just keep up the good fight.

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