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Pineapple Canning Overload

March 25, 2012

Moderation is something I definitely need to work on–moderation of my hobby ambitions.  After one successful round of canning people late last week I saw a great price on pineapple and evidently lost my mind.  I bought ten pineapples to can.  Okay, great idea on the surface.  It is so much cheaper this way, and so much more delicious, and the additional benefit of being in total control of the ingredients is irresistible.  At the same time, ten pineapples?  What was I thinking?

Last night I did five of them–total result: 15 pints of canned pineapple.  The last five pineapples are staring at me in accusation in a box on my kitchen floor.  They have to be done tonight.  I know they have to be done tonight.  I do not want to do them tonight.  Canning pineapple is an incredibly simple process.  But it is a little bit labor intensive–mostly because of skinning and chopping each pineapple.  By the end of last night I had a pretty good assembly line going.  I had to do the five pineapples in two batches because that was the most I could fit in my “cooking pot” at a time.  This translated into four actual batches in the water bath for sealing the jars.  Upgrading my equipment has definitely become a priority after this round of canning.  I really enjoy it, and I love the products it produces.  I think it’s safe at this point to invest in a good water bath canner and rack that can hold more than four jars at once.

My canning project is also in competition this evening with the ripe bananas sitting on my counter top.  They are at that perfect place–too ripe to really be enjoyed but at just the right point for making banana bread.  I love making banana bread–especially by throwing a cup or two of chocolate chips into it.  When I was a little girl, about every other Sunday or so, my dad and I would bake.  Usually it was chocolate chip cookies, but I also remember making zuccini bread, banana bread, mock apples pies (pies without apples that taste just like apple pie), Christmas cookies, and a whole bunch of other baked goods.  He had recipes that had been passed down to him that were full of things like butter, real eggs, and LARD.  Lots of lard.  For those modern cooks who don’t know, lard is this wonderful substance that can only seem to be found in grocery stores these days in the large tub size.  You throw a tub in the back of your fridge and it lasts forever.  It makes baked goods hit the bottom of your belly like a delicious rock–sticking to your ribs and filing you up.  It also makes them wonderful.  And no matter what anyone else tries to tell me, I just cannot be convinced that, in moderation, lard could possibly be worse for you than some man-made replacement creation.

So somehow tonight’s challenge will be to bake my banana bread, can five more pineapples, finish putting laundry away, and doing all of that plus the normal mom-duties involving my kids while still getting to bed at a semi-reasonable hour for work tomorrow.

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  1. Another simple solution for the bananas would be to freeze them! 🙂 Peel them and put them in a ziploc baggie. Then take them out when you are ready to make banana bread. You are more than welcome to pass on a can of pineapple…We so need to get together when tomatoes come in season. I’ll bring over my stockpot canning kit. 🙂

  2. You sound like me. I never know what I’m thinking while I”m doing it, but it sure seems sane………until my husband looks at me with that You-are-obssessing-on-saving-money-by-spending-too-much-money look on his face. Then he pitches in and helps me get it done, I promise not to do it again, he kisses me and then rolls his eyes! Good luck getting that completed tonight. I feel for ya.

    • You definitely sound like me. To be honest, all I got done last night was about two thirds of the laundry. Which makes tonight mandatory canning night.

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